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Karla M. Leonard
CEO/ Asset Manager
Authorized Independent Agent
CA License # 0B42336
VA License # 877636

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OFFICE:          909-456-8939
PHONE / FAX:  888-383-3068   

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"Wake Up...Time to Start SAVING!"
Serving CA Residents since 1995

Most people don’t take the time to educate themselves the way you are about to do right now.  That’s why you are perfect for our video series today

It’s specially designed for people like you who want to protect their money, while boosting their monthly income because they want to ensure a happy and worry-free retirement.
…and to show our appreciation you will receive a Special Gift” at the conclusion of your video series.  A FREE Booklet entitled:   “The Ten Biggest Mistakes People Who Are Retiring Could Make…And How To Avoid Them!” (You only get one chance to retire.  There is no room for even the slightest error with your retirement dollars.  If you are making one or more of the 10 biggest mistakes that almost all retirees make, you could end up outliving your retirement income.)

“Little Known Strategies That Can Save Your Retirement Portfolio…”
Discover how to:

  • Generate reliable income for you and your spouse that you cannot outlive.

  • With National debt over $18 trillion, it is very likely that taxes will go up. Are your pensions, IRAs and 401Ks prime targets?  Learn possible ways to defend yourself.

  • Are there alternative investments to reliable income?


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