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Understanding Life Insurance

There are only two kinds of life insurance - TERM and PERMANENT and each of these products has four unique characteristics.  Term Insurance is like renting a home and permanent insurance is like buying a home.

For those who have a life insurance policy one of the biggest money savings tips I have to offer is... you must make a habit of reviewing your policies each and every year!




Term Insurance & Permanent Insurance Similar Features

Term Insurance and Permanent Insurance have one similar feature.  They both provide a place to live - Death Benefit.  The most important issue in life insurance to be discussed is the proper amount of coverage whether it is term or permanent.


Term Insurance Simplified

1. Low Cost - Initially

2.  Cost goes up

3.  No equity

4.  Coverage ends


Permanent Insurance Simplified

1.  Higher cost - Initially

2.  Cost remains level

3.  Builds Equity

4.  Coverage never ends

Clean Bubbles

Term Insurance

Worker with Ladder

Permanent Insurance

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