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Capital Preservation Strategy

Are you worried about EXCESSIVE CAPITAL GAINS TAX when you sell your highly-appreciated home, investment property, business or collectibles? YOU CAN LOSE MORE THAN ONE-THIRD OF YOUR HARD-EARNED GAINS when you sell your property. The CPS is available to benefit individuals, companies and/or any other entities that wish to sell highly appreciated assets with a selling price of $500,000 or more. By utilizing this highly specialized and elegant strategy, the CPS may also reduce credit and collateral risk that typically are associated with traditional methods of capital gains tax mitigation. It is a planning approach which allows a seller to walk away from a sale with no immediate capital gains taxes due and a lump sum amount of money (untaxed) that is nearly equivalent to the sale proceeds. The strategy is supported by a recent memorandum issued by the Chief Counsel of the IRS and applicable for selling real estate (including personal residences), businesses, collectible and other highly appreciated assets. 

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