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How to Avoid Financial Stress & Bankruptcy...A Special Report for the Professional Athlete

Karla Leonard:

Click th"According to Sports Illustrated, 78% of NFL and an estimated 60% of NBA players go bankrupt or are under financial stress in just two years and five years, respectively, after their retirement." [Grant Wasylik article "Financial Lessions Learned from Pro Athletes/Uncommon Wisdom Daily/June 8, 2016] How important is it to you to NEVER run out of money? Why do so many professional athletes end up filing for bankruptcy in as little as five years after leaving the ‘game’? There are various factors that contribute to this dismal outcome, however all these factors drizzle down to one key statement: “If you were properly educated (especially from the beginning of your career) on the importance of how to save and live within a lifestyle that would be affordable during and after your professional ‘game’ career, you would never find yourself hovering over the ‘bankruptcy’ toilet.” Knowing how to build a 'solid financial foundation' is key. The fundamental first steps are critical: Select a lifestyle that is within your income parameter. Determine the total expenses that will be incurred to live your desired lifestyle. Develop a plan that will create guaranteed income sources to support your living expenses, so that no matter what happens out there, your lifestyle will NEVER change. It’s a two-way street of working with someone who places your financial goals as priority and ‘you’ listening and following the game plan both your advisor and you work out together. Educating clients on how to achieve their financial goals is ‘key’. It’s ‘your’ financial portfolio and your decision and actions as well as working with the right professional advisor that makes the difference between watching your portfolio consistently grow or watching it being flushed down the toilet a few years after you are no longer in the ‘game’. To learn more on the do's and don'ts on protecting your and your family's financial future and to be able to always maintain the lifestyle you worked so hard to acquire, "click" on the pic below to receive your FREE PDF booklet -How to Avoid Financial Stress and Bankruptcy...A Special Report for Professional Athlete. Click "NOW" to receive your FREE PDF booklet!

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