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You're Never Too Old To Be A Little Younger ...Mae WestKarla Leonard:

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

“Everyone”, I do not care how old or young you are, we all do the same thing every single day. Even a newborn baby to a senior way into his 90’s does this. What's so fascinating is most of the time we do not even realize this is happening. Oh, I take that one back, ...Baby boomers are aware of this daily action. You want to know what it is? Give you ‘one guess’ ...EVERYONE IS AGING JUST A LITTLE BIT EVERY SINGLE DAY! However there is one thing you do have control over to retain your ‘fountain of youth’,’s having a youthful attitude! “Yes”, that’s the answer. Simple to say, but this can be a challenge for many. You see, LIFE happens too each of us every single day and with that brings struggle, pain, depression, conflicts, anger and fear. With all that baggage on your back, it can be pretty hard to see above the ‘pollution’ for the ‘clean air’. Emily Dickinson had a very positive outlook when she said, “We turn not older with years, but newer every day.” I challenge all of you, no matter what age or ‘chapter in life’ you are in right now ..."Blow off that dark cloud of challenges" LIFE tosses us each day to slow us down, take our eye off our goals and ultimately AGE us before our years. Kick up your heals and grab that ‘childlike attitude’ of joy, happiness and enthusiasm in what each new day can bring. It’s all in ‘your’ control. The baby boomer generation seems to 'get it'. They have adopted the concept of having a youthful attitude. That along with the technology in the healthcare industry has many in this unique generation living longer. It's marvelous, between healthcare and youthful attitude has birthed us with LONGEVITY. But, do you know what the real risk of 'longevity' is? Being financially prepared! Discounting longevity in your retirement planning could very well be the factor that may cause you "to outlive your money". - Take a look at THE REAL RISK OF LONGEVITY and how the fixed indexed annuity can play a significant role in reducing that risk. [Source: LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute a, The Retirement Income Reference Book 2015, page 89.]

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