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IOur company works with BUSINESS OWNERS, PHYSICIANS, DENTIST and PROFESSIONALS to help in 3 key areas: Reducing Overall Expenses, Financial Services and finding Speicalized Tax Incentives



The Map That Almost No One Uses Anymore...

Plan for your future like you plan a trip to drive out of  State to see the grandkids.  You can create the same kind of map by first learning how to...

  1. Establish realistic goals.
  2. Take a true look at where you are today.
  3. See which "financial roads" will get you to your destination.
  4. Start on the journey with a small, but easily manageable "vehicle" and see how the trip is going one day at a time.

You see, this designing a map for your money is one of the least used, and misunderstood areas of personal finance!

Helpful TIps For Those Who Are...


Why Are So Many People Concerned About Running Out Of Money? ...

...they simply do not have a plan and do not know what they can do with their money to prepare for retirement. A lot of people simple avoid facing the problem (professional procrastinators) until it is too late to develop a workable retirement plan. The boomers' parents didn't have this issue because it used to be only 1/3 of their retirement income came from their personal savings, 2/3 came from their employer and the federal government. Today it's a lot different.

The Distinct Difference Between SAVING And INVESTING...

The cause of future financial success or failure over the course of your investing career is not knowing the distinct difference between SAVING and INVESTING.

SAVINGS primary purpose is to preserve your capital. Money earmarked for certain future expenses, and requires a very low degree of risk.

INVESTING primary purpose is to grow your capital with extra money set aside to grow future wealth …[setup SAVINGS first]. Investments will always be subject to loss.

Never Stop Dreaming...

Never Stop Dreaming, Because To Do So Means You Stop Living. Plus, keeping dreams in your forefront drives you into action, to continue to move forward. If you are a baby boomer in retirement, or just at it’s doorstep, you still have choice to alter your current financial future and have your dreams come true too. Retirement certainly isn’t about ‘stopping’,  it’s the beginning of moving forward and living out your dreams. Therefore, by making wise decisions, even now, can assure your retirement years are fun filled, and also can assure your funds will outlive you.

Be Your Own Banker...

What If I Told You Right Now, Today, That You Could Position Yourself To Be Your Own Banker. There is a way you can position yourself to never have to borrow money from the bank again nor pay them those astronomical interest rates. It’d be great…”Wouldn’t it?…to be in the financial position to borrow from yourself and pay yourself back with interest? Think about how that would increase your wealth!

A Crucial Commodity To A Well Lived Life...

Self Discipline Simply Is Not A Proven Way To Obtain Your Goals And Get Ahead; It's A Crucial Commodity To A Well-Lived Life. So, today I'm challenging all of you to take a disciplined approach as you plan for your futures. You can save thousands of dollars using Living Trusts.  I have been helping folks plan their finances for over 20 years.  It is still shocking to me to see how many people think they have their estates set up so their wishes will be carried out, with taxes and legal fees kept to the absolute minimum possible. Yet, the sad reality is that for most families, the results of the handling of their estate are anything but OK.

"WATCH OUT!" ...

Watch OUT! Those investments and issues that gave your parent’s the ability to live well in their retirement years may now be your boulders with snakes under them that could kill you in your retirement years. Yes, it’s a pain to constantly review, update products where needed, release old products that are no longer advantageous for your portfolio. On the other side, possibly the products that your parent’s ran from because they were deemed the venom for a portfolio in the last millennium may now be, because of new millennium trails and suffering, be your safety boulders.

All Baby Boomers Have One Thing In Common...

All Baby Boomers Out There Have One Thing In Common – We’re All Sliding Down the “Rapids” Into Retirement. Can’t stop it! However, the question one needs to ask is…”at the end of this ‘rapid ride’ will you stand up?... Or continue to be swept away?” In trying times, such as we now face, people have a tendency to abandon one very important element – bravery. Likewise, courage and character are also abandoned and in their place temptation emerges for us to take…shortcuts! I must agree with Beverly Sills when she said, “There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.”

"Double Check!" Might Your Retirement Dollars Be Hanging In The Wrong Place? ...

Double CHECK! Might Your Retirement Funds Be Hanging In The Wrong Place? Perhaps a Roth IRA Conversion might make sense for you? A Roth IRA Conversion provides tax-free retirement income and growth income for estate planning. One good reason a Roth IRA Conversion makes sense is if you wish to minimize Social Security benefit taxation. Retirement income drawn from a Roth IRA cannot be included in the combined AGI income limits for determining taxability of Social Security benefits. If you potentially conceive being in a higher tax bracket when you retire, a conversion would also make sense.


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